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So, any suggestions/detailed recipes for pairing with some pretty auspicious but young wines? We'll be drinking '01. These wines are being brought to a London tasting with Cbmac, Otisabdul (and Mrs OA) and me (and Mrs B).

So far, ideas suggested by Otis and Cb include scallops with cream sauce, salmon, softshell crab, chinese/asian spices, duck with orange/peach (I'm sure I've forgotten some). Oh yeah, ham.

All suggestions are welcome (even bad ones because they become the subject of fun replies)!

Thanks in advance.


I came here for a good argument!

AH, no you didn't, you came here for an argument!

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Curry and Riesling with residual sweetness is one of the few really perfect, satisfying pairings. The hotter the curry, the sweeter the Riesling must be. I'd pair a nice pumpkin-curry-soup with a Kabinett or Spätlese and a red Thai curry or an Indian curry with a powerful Auslese. It works only up to a certain level of spicyness though. If it is extremly hot and spicy, you loose the more delicate nunances in the Riesling.

I also like Kabinett and Spätlesen with Tuna sashimi and wasabi.

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Marc beat it me to it. I love a good curry dish with the sweetness of Auslese. I will only add coconut curry dishes (chicken or shrimp) to Marc's excellent suggestions. The tropical flavor of coconut seems to me to be a great match not only for sweeter Rieslings but also some of the other germanic varietals, like Scheurebe and Huxelrebe.

There is a fairly extensive thread (with recipes!) on the squires board, re matching German riesling with food.

BTW, I just looked at the label of my is a 2002, not 2001! Given its provenance and year, I doubt it will be any sweeter/richer than the Gunderloch spätlese Otis is bringing. But differently, I think you could get away with cooking something that matches with spätlese.

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