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The man's resume speaks for itself, but my main thoughts for selecting Bob are as follows:

The man travels extensively, and has become the master of the online-offline;

He likes a variety of different wines and is the poster child for Malbec;

He posts numerous tasting notes;

He was a 6/15 attendee, and I had the pleasure of meeting him and his lovely wife;

Dr. T's description of him from an online-offline remains a classic in my mind.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!
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Ahem, thanks Dave.

I'd also like to thank the academy, my parents, my 2nd grade art teacher, and my 5th grade bus-stop attendant Mrs. Gettelfinger. I graciously accept this prestigious honor and vow....Oops, wrong speech! [Big Grin]

Actually, I already have a bottle of wine in mind (and in the cellar)...freshly released, something rich, red, available, untried and untested in this cyber-realm and printed media alike.....and it came w/high recommendations from my wine-gal in Atlanta. I'll wait 'till the July TAA is complete, then spring it on ye faithful masses!!!

Don't worry, it's not a Malbec.....although, hmmmm. [Wink]

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