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70DAAC0C-8D84-43AA-9A7B-D3979B1D1839Last night at the local fish place, the chef was  surpassing his usual excellent offerings. We started with a delicious gazpacho, beautifully presented with a very generous garnish of heirloom tomatoes, Dungeness crab claw meat, cucumber and chive flowers (photo below); then a striped bass crudo with orange zest, tarragon, a bit of bird’s eye pepper and a superbly fruity olive oil (above). Then a summer salad of ripe Okanagan peaches and feta with fresh herbs. The main course— a surprise from the kitchen— was John Dory fillets buried under a mound of fresh corn sliced off the cob, and sautéed chanterelles.  All delicious, and accompanied with a nice grand cru Chablis.  Despite all the political unrest, shootings, health scares, travel restrictions, etc, life is pretty good sometimes.  🙂



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Just tasted my first ever batch of home cooked barbecue ribs that I made for the first time, and goddamn, are they good!

Had some wine left from a few days ago. So I’m making a tomato sauce with pancetta and mushrooms for tonight. Mushrooms (in garlic and butter) are added at the end. It’s simmering for the last two hours. Still needs a bit more. This will be great

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