August 2018: What's for dinner

a5 wagyu tenderloins sous vide at 140 for 4 hours, seared brown on the outside, dash of fresh grated wasabi.

paired with the 82' leoville barton.  very good pairing

Then went out for some grey's papaya's hot dogs and a coke zero

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Really great and huge meal at new local Indonesian spot:

Bala Bala - vegetable fritters

Opor Jamur - mushroom dish

Martabak Telor - ground beef dish - really good

Nasi Goreng - fried rice with shrimp

and what they call Rijttafel - (which is not really but a nice sample of dishes anyway) with

RENDANG SAPI - spricy beef cubes

SATE AYAM - chicken sate skewers

SOTO KAMBING - slow cooked lamb


$8 corkage -we brought 2015 Ch. Martinat Bordeaux Blanc

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