August 2018: What's for dinner

a5 wagyu tenderloins sous vide at 140 for 4 hours, seared brown on the outside, dash of fresh grated wasabi.

paired with the 82' leoville barton.  very good pairing

Then went out for some grey's papaya's hot dogs and a coke zero

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Really great and huge meal at new local Indonesian spot:

Bala Bala - vegetable fritters

Opor Jamur - mushroom dish

Martabak Telor - ground beef dish - really good

Nasi Goreng - fried rice with shrimp

and what they call Rijttafel - (which is not really but a nice sample of dishes anyway) with

RENDANG SAPI - spricy beef cubes

SATE AYAM - chicken sate skewers

SOTO KAMBING - slow cooked lamb


$8 corkage -we brought 2015 Ch. Martinat Bordeaux Blanc

Last night. This is turning into one of my favorite meals at home.

Miso marinated black cod Nobu style (miso, sake kasu, mirin, brown sugar, marinated 4 days then broiled). First time using soy, sake instead of water, and red instead of blonde miso and the difference wasn't much.
Sticky rice 
Thin sliced cucumber salad (soy, mirin, rice wine vinegar, sesame seeds) 
Furikake on the side
Good bottle of cold sake.

flwino posted:
g-man posted:

mapo tofu

Saw this presented on "American Test Kitchen" this weekend.

I just watched the episode, i dont think i agree with their recipe at all.  It's not suppose to be a stew!


I make mine with ground sichaun peppercorn, fermented black bean, ground white peppercorn as  to three flavor ingredients.

Garlic, ginger, scallion for the aromatics.

i like to also use sesame oil and cook the spices and aromatics together first.

I use water, cornstarch and soy sauce to build out the sauce base.


Plain steamed broccoli soup. I put a small cube of regianno in the nutri bullet when I blended it and it made all the difference. Oven roasted the slice broccoli stems with sliced portobello and shitake mushrooms, sliced onions and carrots with olive oil and fresh herbs.

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