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The D'Arenberg Stump Jump and Cape Mentelle Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc are both excellent summer white wines. Crisp and refreshing. The prices reflect the quality difference and my preference would be the Cape Mentelle.

The David Traeger shiraz is one of my all time favourites. 1999 wasn't a bad vinage.A warmish climate shiraz (Goulburn Valley is one of the warmer areas in Victoria) so it tends to be riper, rather than leaner. I've had this one a few months back and from memory would put it in the low 90s point range.
The wines that caught my attention are:

2002 Catena Malbec (finally)
2001 Chateau Calissanne 'Clos Victoire'
2001 Bailly Lapierre Cremant de Bourgogne (a good everyday summer sparling)
2003 Cape Mentelle Chard or the 2004 Sauv Blanc/Semillon (I have liked all their whites)

Another one that I will try is the 2004 Gaia Estate Notios White from Greece. I tried their red Estate wine at a tasting when I was in Kefalari Greece in May and it was very good. If the white is comparable, I would buy it.
Originally posted by on the wine:

Does the David Traeger shiraz have a taste profile similar to Paul Osicka?

Traeger and Osicka are about 20 minutes drive from each other so the climatic factors are very similar. Traeger's stuff tends to be a little warmer because he's in a river valley, but he also sources fruit from some outside vineyards as well. The soil is different (Paul Osicka is grouped in the Heathcote region but I don't know if he is on the cambrian soil that is reputed to make Heathcote such a good area for shiraz) and David tends to be a little more aggressive with his use of oak.

If I was forced to choose, I'd take Osicka, but happily i don't have to choose between them as I can have both.

The short answer would have been if you like Paul Osicka you'll like David Traeger. They're 2 of my 3 favourite small wineries in Victoria (the other being Warrabilla, which has made it's Petit Sirah [Durif] at up to 17.5% alcohol).

That list of my favourite small wineries in Victoria is limited because I haven't made my way to Mornington Peninsula or Yarra Valley yet.
Like everyone else, I'll be looking for at least a case of the Catena Zapata Malbec. For those looking for a good QPR everyday drinker, the 2003 Dino Illuminati Montepulciano d'Abruzzo Riparosso is coming out. Great stuff, year in, year out. I'll be buying at least a case, probably more at $12.95 per.

Al - you'll love this stuff! Bob - it'll be too light for you, knowing your palate.
Originally posted by bman:
When did everyone stop loving the Dog Point sb and Dr. Loosen L riesling? Or am I confusing these with others of similar names? Confused

Being new to the whole wine scene I have no idea about the Dog Point but I am pretty sure you are confusing the German Dr. loosen with the Washington State Chateau Ste. Michelle "Eroica" Dr. Loosen reisling.
Originally posted by bman:
When did everyone stop loving the Dog Point sb and Dr. Loosen L riesling? Or am I confusing these with others of similar names? Confused
With the LCBO's recent focus on Southern Hemisphere wines, followed up with its recent ABC promotion, I'm 'up to here' with whites. And I still have all those German Spatlese and Auslese that I loaded up on in the latter half of last year.
Thanks for the offier Baird - I may need to ask as well, if you have some left, as my wife may not be able to make the release on Saturday and big point/low score wines tend to fly off the shelves in Our Nation's Capital....

I'll speak with her next week to see if she got some, but if not I'd appreciate 6.

Thanks! Smile
I just picked up 30 bottles. I got some for Carriedca, Basecadet, a friend and for me.

Bman, I will try to get you 6 from a different store tomorrow as I cleaned out the one by my house. I will let you know by tomorrow afternoon if I was sucessful.

This looks like another wine that will be sold out on Saturday morning. 91 points and $20CAD.
I ended up getting 54 bottlesEek of the Catena for me, a couple of non-TWC friends and for those that asked (those credit cards do come in handy from time to time!Big Grin)....

6 bottles each....

I will keep them in my cellar until I see each of you. If I missed someone that asked for some, let me know....

For Bman and Carriedca, we will figure something out. I will be in Ottawa August 17-19 and Sept 15-17 so I will be able to bring some of the bottles (not a dozen, thoughEekBig Grin)

I think there are going to be some pi$$ed off people in my area tomorrow morning as I cleaned out 4 stores. Razz

I will send a seperate bill to each of you for my expenses. Gas, time, etc. Razz Wink Big Grin

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