I am gonna cook homemade chicken khebab (Turkish recipe), I marinate meat for 8 hours in yogurt with spices, it is just delicious! an kind of healthy, if you pick "proper" bread Smile
I made some pasta with pesto from basil I grew myself. Unfortunately, that was the only thing that has survived my woeful gardening skills.
Last night, excellent Mexican at El Catrin in the Distillery District:
Croquetas de Langosta
Snapper ceviche in lime with smoked ancho chili ashes
Roasted plantain with braised beef and garlic-serrano aioli
Tacos Pastor

Although we did not BYO, it is available @ $35 corkage. They also have about 200 tequilas on their list if that's your thing.
Organic, grass fed ribeyes from Sun Fed Ranch with sautéed Napa cabbage, arugula salad and grilled brown mushrooms. Paired with a 2007 Grguch Hills Estate cab. Yum all around!
Originally posted by wine+art:
Cold seafood platter including, stone crab craws, shrimp, lump crab meat and citrus marinated octopus.

grilled some ribs and veggie burgers. The veggie burgers defrosted, as our power was off for 24 or so hours due to a big storm.
Originally posted by wine+art:
Cold seafood platter including, stone crab craws, shrimp, lump crab meat and citrus marinated octopus.

Yum Any left overs?
While not usually something we have in summer, this morning my wife mentioned having a craving for spaghetti. A thick red sauce was made, sausage was grilled, and fresh herbs were chopped.
With family on Saturday:
Lobster rolls
Steamed lobsters
Assorted grilled oysters (wanted to shuck them but had no patience or skill)
Fried soft shell crabs
Tuna sashimi
Tuna poke
turkey meatballs, tomato sauce, sauteed vegetables. All cooked in a sauce pan over gas.
We had lost power, but the gas stove can be lit with a match.
Washed down with a bottle of I Baldini White Label, Tuscany. It's a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese. 2009. (Sanderson gave it 93 points)
Power came on just before we ate. It was off for about 6 hours today, and was off between 4 PM Thursday and 5:00 PM on Friday.
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Some really good BLAT (bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado) sandwiches with fresh corn on the cob. Enjoyed with a 2015 Waterbrook Columbia Valley Sauv Blanc. The sandwiches were amazing but the wine was lacking.
Paul's Boutique pizza @ Speedy Romeo. Very interesting and crazy good:

Katz’s Pastrami, Dijon Béchamel, Smoked Red Kraut, Fontina, 1000 Island Dressing, Everything Bagel Crust
Last night - caprese with sliced peaches and heirloom tomatoes (great Riesling pairing, btw) followed by pork loin roast and Brussels sprouts on the grill. I marinated the pork in olive oil, red wine vinegar, mustard bbq sauce, garlic, fresh cracked pepper and herbs de Provence.
grilled eggplant w. tahini, mint/cilantro/lemon, grilled jalapenos, tomatoes, walnuts, soft poached egg & grilled pitas on the back deck.

2014 Chapoutier Tournon Mathilda

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