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...and I knew I had to watch that damn boring clog defense with the 3 man high offense all season, I probably would not have renewed my tickets.

That damn boring 'Style', unfortunately, is more times than not, the style teams need to play to win championships.
Take the Canucks as an example...they built a very entertaining team to watch, but when it comes to playoffs, they just can't win with that run-and-gun offense...sad but true!

Even Tampa Bay isn't a true offensive team, they employ quick counter attack systems.

To make it deep into the playoffs, you need a solid defensive strategy, a committed line up (top to bottom), some luck, and/or a hot goalie.

I offer sound advice.
That's 99% sound and 1% advice
Originally posted by tlily:
From down close on Sunday, the Sharks dominated the Flames. Especially after the first period. The Flames D could not cope with the Sharks speed and struggled to move the puck. Hannan shut down Iginla, like he did with Tkachuk and Forsberg. (I tipped you on him first, remember TJ?) Of course that means nothing against a hot goalie, or a bad line change not a damn thing.

Should be a great game tonight.

I think speed is the word this year: Tampa 4-2. They got cooked last night, but that's common for young teams in the playoffs. They usually have a couple games they just melt down in.


Yeah, I remember, tlily. Cool

I am hoping there are more close games the rest of the two series. I LOVE close games, the ones that make you feel like you're on a roller coaster or on the edge of your seat.

Ron Wilson better get his team charged up, they're heading into a fiery pit of hell for the next couple of games.

I really want the Flyers to win, just so Martin St. Louis doesn't get to go to the Stanley Cup Finals, if for nothing else. Razz -- Mm-Mm-good
Boy what a game last night. Primeau tied the game with less than 2 minutes and Gagne wins it in OT.
Looking forward to Game 7 on Saturday.

Calgary is extremely surprising to me. How can you win with a one player team. I think the cup stays in the Eastern conference no matter what happen Saturday.

I have a lot of friends coming and some decent wines for the game Saturday night!
Great game - Gagne's first goal and Primeau's late goal in the 3rd period were both sweet! Gagne tipped the puck out of midair to score; while Primeau passed the puck across the crease behind the goalie to himself for the tying goal - good thing it didn't go in on the kick though.

Primeau is becomming a sports icon in Philly!


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