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Tonight's menu:

Brie with Champagne

Caprese salad w/ Sancerre

grilled Copper River salmon (S&P, EVOO)
grilled red bell pepper
caramelized cauliflower with garlic and truffle
grilled baby asparagus (Kosher salt, butter)

I always struggle with a wine match when asparagus is involved. So, I'm looking for recommendations for the fish course.

Also, for those who serve asparagus with red meat - what's your wine choice?
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Originally posted by Purple Teeth:

Also, for those who serve asparagus with red meat - what's your wine choice?

A few months ago a '95 Gruaud Larose paired amazingly well with some grilled asparagus. I pulled the Bdx that evening because I thought it would be a good match for the sausage/lamb/beef bolognese I was working on all afternoon ... turned out that the wine paired better with the grilled asparagus ... go figure! So, from that point forward I always go to a nice Left Banker for asparagus and steak. Napa Cab. would work too, but it's the Bdx. that really shines with a meal like that.
My first thoughts were Oregon PN or an aromatic white. My wife wanted PN - decision made. Wink

We enjoyed a 1999 Bethel Heights Southeast Block PN. This wine was really on it's game - complex yet elegant, earthy, and restrained enough to share the spotlight with the salmon. Truly a fine match.

Regarding the red meat/asparagus pairing, I typically reach for a Sangio. I really hadn't considered a Chinon, thanks Moselle

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