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Originally posted by wine+art:
Originally posted by Rob_Sutherland:
W+A, do you have any experience with Lucie Beppler? German artist.

I do indeed. I think our piece is at our daughters house.

It is an etching that has a chalkboard look somewhat like some of Cy Twombly's works, yet I think it is on a heavy paper.

Are you a fan of Beppler?

Love her work. I really like Morellet's wire pieces which made me think of her.
Originally posted by fcs:
My little gallery did its first Manhattan art fair on Mar 6-9.

Now I get why they're all the rage!
Expensive but worth it. Collectors come to you!

By the end of the week my voice was hoarse from all the hand selling I had done.
we may be small but we move merch!

Congratulations, fcs. I hope you established a number of clients.

Dallas is having a serious art fair in a couple of weeks with a few of our favorite galleries ( and people too) coming to town.

One of my very favorite galleries will be bringing with them, Bacon Condo, Rauschenberg, Tamayo, Stella, Sultan, Ruscha, Dine, Kapoor, Motherwell, Lichtenstein and Morellet just to name a few.

I also have two wine dinners planed with the gallery owners I'm looking forward to. Wine + Art makes me a happy man! Cool

Congrats again.
All signs point to a visit to the Tate Modern on Sunday (i.e. days off, sitter)! We'll stroll through a good part of it, but any favourites you all recommend? I've been once, last year, to see the Lichtenstein exhibit, but we didn't see anything else. This time, we won't have our kids with us, so it will be a little more leisurely. TIA!
Originally posted by Jabe11:
Originally posted by The Old Man:
Originally posted by Jabe11: We'll stroll through a good part of it, but any favourites you all recommend?

Weeping Woman

Yes, thanks. We happened to see this at the Tate Britain a couple of years ago....some sort of 'Picasso and his influence on British Artists' exhibit. Nude woman in a red armchair was also there.

LACMA created an exhibit around this painting when it was on loan there. I saw it in the evening when there was hardly anyone there and I was able to just stand in front of it alone. One of the art viewing highlights of my life.

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