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Hello Everyone,

Can anyone provide recent tasting notes or offer their suggestions on whether any of these are ready yet? I hate to open them if they are still too young or perhaps going through a closed period as my quantities are small and won't have much of an opportunity to try now and enjoy it later Wink

Also, if decantering is recommended for any of them, please list advice on the duration.

Some of my friends are having small gatherings of about 6 people over the next couple of months and I'd like to bring some winners for everyone to enjoy.

Harlan the Maiden - 98
Staglin Family Vineyards - Cab - 99
Duckhorn Vineyards - Cabernet Sauvignon Estate Patzimaro Vineyard - 99
Bond Matriarch - 00
Pride Mountain - Cabernet Franc - 00
Etude - Cab - 02
Paul Hobbs - Cab - 02

Thanks everyone for your help. Cool
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My guess is that all of those drink well now, or at least do with some decanting. The only ones I've personally had are the 2000 Matriarch and the Duckhorn cab, both of which are very good. Both are probably fine just to pop and pour if you have some hours to follow the evolution in the glass, and both would probably also benefit a little from an hour or two in the decanter, particularly if you're going to pour it at once to a number of people.

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