Are there ever any SF Peninsula/South Bay offlines?

i had the same problem here in mich,so we started one one a date that we could do it. an went from there. the mix of people will change .but still lots of fun.
we have twinn 32months. the first mich was at a rest. the second at my house, third at thomas house. an a nother in the making after that. not to many byo here
if you cannot make it to one,try starting one.
good luck.

The South Bay people are much more active on Davidn hosts events about every 2 months or so and RandyW often joins him as co-host. Sometimes in downtown San Jose, sometimes at Davidn's. NorCalVino has open houses about every other month as well at his home in Alum Rock.

Mrs Tlily has a regular dinner group that gets together every month. About 4-5 times a year we have a blow out BBQ with 20-30 people. yhn, and J. Henry's Dad have joined us for that from the WS forum last year. Mostly we all communicate by email and not so much open posts on the forum.

The get togethers down here tend to be less formal than the North Bay crowd, as in less about wine tasting and more about socializing, it's rare to see anyone taking notes. They usually include a good percentage of friends not active on the forums.

gfleener, ombree and J.H.D all have young kids as well. Events are about 50/50. Those at restraunts are usually no kids, but the ones at peoples homes tend to have kids.

We also all tend to bump into each other out and about at local wineries or downtown. There's an active thread on Vinocellar where we update each other on local restraunts. There's also a lot of just meeting up at tasting events around town.
Thanks for the tip tlily. I've signed up at Vinocellar and hope to see some of you some time soon. I may well have met a few of you at The Wine Club or Beltramos without even knowing.

Pyang: I'd have no problem bringing her to an offline - normally she's very good in restaurants. She's been with us to Napa several times; some of the tasting room staff even ask after her if we go without her.

It's more a question of the time; she is usually in bed by about 9PM and I'm guessing that most events go on way later than that - plus then we have to get home.

However one of these days I hope we'll make it to the city for an evening.

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