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I'm guessing this might well be a stupid question. I've seen the praise for Carnaroli rice for risotto but have yet to try it. As I consider myself more a good recipe chooser and follower rather than a good cook, I was wondering in general if I would need to make any adjustments to a risotto recipe that originally called for Arborio rice (i.e., more or less rice needed, is there a significant difference in cooking time). Pertaining to the cooking time, I'm not worried about knowing when the risotto is finished (I've cooked enough risotto to know that) but more in the timing aspect in conjunction with other dishes. TIA
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Originally posted by ArieS:
Originally posted by tsunami:
my NO-1 is vialone nano ! the taste ist just better, the best Wink

And of course we don't find it here in the States Wink

Look around AireS, it's readily available. I know you can buy it online at, but many of our local stores have it on the shelves. I'm sticking with carnaroli, fwiw, with all respects to the esteemed tsunami!!

a final tip for a grat risotto,

after glazinged the onion and the rice, and added some wine (bevor adding water/bouillon/stock ore what ever) stir and reduce the wine until the rice beginns to stick at the bottom of the pan, always stir! and let the karbonhytrate get litle brown bevor you add again wine or other liquit.

yes i know, i will produce a small quantity of acrylamide, but it taste tremendous and it gets a complexer taste Wink
this is the one i like the most

and here

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