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@otw posted:

1998 Mauro Veglio Barolo Vigneto Arborina

1998 Podere Colla Barolo Bussia Dardi Le Rose

Two extraordinarily intense Baroli.  The Veglio Arborina was full-bodied, intensely savoury, smoke, dried roses, mushrooms.  The Dardi le Rose was a massive wall of tar and licorice for the first hour.  After that, I started to get sun-dried tomato, old leather, chestnut, dried dusty flowers.  Not for the delicate palate.

I opened up another bottle of the 98 Bussia Dardi Le Rose and this bottle was much nicer.  There wasn't that initial wall of tar and licorice.  It had a nice flavour of dried plums, sandalwood, game and old leather.  Much more enjoyable.

@vinoevelo posted:

2017  A. Christmann riesling trocken - great juice.

2018 Arnot-Roberts syrah.  My first A-R syrah and i have to agree with shanet on this one - one of, if not the best, syrahs coming out of the US. Mrs. VeV remarked she was still thinking about it at lunch today and has told to i) get more and ii) let them age.

We went through 6 of the Arnot-Roberts 2015  - very enjoyable but did not last long

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