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2017 Kirkland Siganature Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon. My daughter picked up some cellar defenders (well actually a Vintage Keeper 220 that is miraculously still working after 20 years) for me while making a Costco run for us both. She does not know wine and I just said red and under $20. I believe this is supposed to emulate Robert Mondavi's Oakville, but I can only say I liked this better than the few of those I've tried. Very nice.

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2012 Keermont Syrah from Stellenbosch, South Africa.  Leans very much in the direction of northern Rhone with smoke, pepper and meat as opposed to a jammier new world style.  Loved it.  

I just remembered you had asked me about the 2014 version of this I had a couple of weeks ago. Sorry for not responding, but glad you enjoyed it. I've had the 2012 before and it's better than the 14 imo, which could be due to the former being a stronger vintage for Stellenbosch in general.

I still have a single bottle of their Topside single vineyard syrah from 2014 which I've never had before. If we're able to get together sometime in the not too distant future I'll open it with you.

2011Remoissenet Givry 'le prefere du Roi Henry IV' blanc - still drinking well, developing a more honeyed/hazelnut profile.  Great QPR.  Drinks like village meursault.

2014 Ventisquero chardonnay Tara - wow. Outstanding layered chard with electric acidity.  Hands down WOTN for everyone.  Better with grilled fish than the givry.

2015 Joan D'Anguera La Planella - cant keep my hands off of these


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2006 Querce Bettina Brunello Riserva.  Similar observations with the cork.  Wine stains 3/4 up to top.  Approachable but still early for me.  Paired with penne and homemade Bolognese.

I've had a lot of disappointments with Querce Bettina, especially with corked wines.  But the 2006 Brunello Riserva lived up to the billing that some of its fans on the forum have been giving it.

1998 Mauro Veglio Barolo Vigneto Arborina

1998 Podere Colla Barolo Bussia Dardi Le Rose

Two extraordinarily intense Baroli.  The Veglio Arborina was full-bodied, intensely savoury, smoke, dried roses, mushrooms.  The Dardi le Rose was a massive wall of tar and licorice for the first hour.  After that, I started to get sun-dried tomato, old leather, chestnut, dried dusty flowers.  Not for the delicate palate.

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2016 B. Levet Cote-Rotie La Chavaroche 

I should be letting these sleep for at least 4 years, but I (smartly) went deep on this.  Even at the $80 tariff, this continues to be among the greatest values in top-flight red wine. And, along with the more-than-double-y expensive Jamet, it continues to be the most obvious example of what makes Cote-Rotie different from the rest of the northern Rhone. This is all violets, violet pastilles, lavender colored fruits, bacon, green olives, and underneath it all, blue-purple serine fruit. Still tightly wound up, this is pleasurable now, but I think 4 years will do wonders. Even just 3.  (The 2013 is great now.). Anyway, a joy. 93+ with proper time (about 92.5 now)

Michel Arnould "La Grande Cuvée" Brut 

Definitely on the sweeter side, but just delicious.  I had only had the basic NV, this step up is still only $40 and it has more depth.  Buttered brioche, cashews, almonds, pears and a lint of lemon.  Rich, fuller bodied... and scarcely "Brut".  Having been drinking mostly extra bruts recently, this was a bit shocking -- but it isn't off-putting once the startle wears off.  Long finish.  Definitely more hedonistically tasty than elegant or refined.  $40, Michel Arnould strikes again with killer value.  Highly recommended for the price.

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2016 Chapelle St. Theodoric Chateauneuf du Pape Les Sablons

Great value-ish priced 100% Grenache made in an elegant style. 14% Alc, which is low for 2016 Grenache dominated CdP, is appreciated. Lots of red berries and black cherries. Has a kinship with Burgundy. I’m glad I have more. This is fast becoming a go-to winery for CdP to me; both for the flagship wines as well as this. 

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