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vinoevelo posted:
winetarelli posted:

2016 Domaine de Trevallon. (French Alps)

Ive heard good things but never had one - what do you think of winetarelli?

It was interesting.  It's a Syrah/Cabernet blend but I would say it doesn't show any one varietal character.  Could have also been a Mourvedre by fruit profile.  Jammy purple fruit, but not overripe in flavor profile.  (13% ABV, I believe.). Some Loire-like Miracle Grow minerality along with a hint of Rhone funk.  The palate was better than the nose or finish.  (The nose was reticent and a bit monolithic in its purple fruit and hint of asphalt; the finish was a bit monolithic and shorter than ideal.)  I can definitely see drinking this with hearty red meat dishes -- seems appropriate it hails from the Alps.  @$60, I don't know that I would buy this again, though.  It isn't in the same league as, for example, Charvin CDP, or Faury Cote-Rotie, imo.

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sunnylea57 posted:

A virtual Northern Rhone tasting last night with w+a, VinT and bman. A few other forumites joined the festivities a bit later including otw, gman, bomba, xhoser and basecadet.

My contribution: 2011 M. Chapoutier Le Meal Blanc

Deep golden honey colour. Delicious and beautifully balanced. Honeydew melon, pear, vanilla, almond paste, and a judicious level of waxiness.


Sounds great. I have a bottle each of the 2010 and 2012 so you're tempting me to open one. I should have joined in on the tasting.

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csm posted:

2016 Chave st Joseph Offerus.  Delicious. 

We had this wine (different vintage) at a cool restaurant/bar in Paris called Cafe L'abattoir a few years ago.  Whenever I see it, I'll buy a bottle or two.  I don't know if it's the sentimental side of me thinking it was a fun evening and loving the wine since, or if it is just a dang good wine, but I really enjoy this bottling every time I drink it.  

Last two weeks:

2012 Antica Terra Aurata Chardonnay

2016 Two Wolves Cabernet Sauvignon

2014 Robert Mondavi I Block Fume Blanc

2012 No Girls Syrah

2011 SQN The Moment

2005 Chateau Rayas Reserve

2017 Elizabeth Spencer Rose of Pinot Noir

2015 Louis Michel & Fils Montmain Chablis Premier Cru

2012 Slantwalk Malbec Riserva

2004 Clos Des Papes CdP

1984 Chateau Lafite

2000 Castello Banfi Brunello 

The Antica Terra or SQN the Moment were the best of the White wines, while the Rayas was clearly the best red.  Unfortunately the Lafite was DOA, I don't remember where I sourced it so not sure how it was stored.  

Looking over the list I'm realizing I need to open some bubbles.  

Since the kids don't have to be up early for school, and it's quiet around the office, we seem to be enjoying our cellar much more than we normally do.  Silver lining I suppose. 

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