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Fish and chips.

Some nice looking cod filets at the market today.

Made a light tempura batter of few flakes of dashi, 1 cup flour, 1.5 cups of water, 1 large egg, 1 tblspoon of soy sauce.

cover sliced fish filets with cornstarch and dredge through batter to fry.

Wasabi tartar sauce.  One tube of imitation wasabi paste (couldnt get the real thing), tblspoon of mustard with seed, 1 tblspoon of grated horshradish for texture, 1 tblspoon of sugar.

For the chips, i used japanese sweet red and purple potatoes.

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Smoked porchetta, potaotes and cesar salad. Went to the effort of sous-videing the potatoes with rosemary, garlic and an obscene amount of duck fat to see if they would confit nicely and get infused with the flavour throughout before a quick pan roast to finish.  They were no different than if you just parboiled then roasted with the duckfat/rosemary/garlic - just took longer.

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