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Since the grilling season (at least for the wimpy seasonal grillers Wink) is officially upon us, I thought I'd throw this one up. I'd love to get some new ideas for this spring and summer's grilled meals.

Any creative ideas, marinades, rubs or other killer meals, please post 'em (with recipes and specifics if you can!!!)


Hangar Steak marinaded for a couple hours in Soy Vey Very Very Teriyaki Marinade. If you have never tried this stuff, zip out to the store and get you some. One of the great teriyaki marinades on the market today. Just make sure to shake the hell out of it, as there is so much stuff floating around in the bottle it really needs to be mixed well.

Ceasar Salad
Sauteed Mushrooms

No starch tonight, as I'm feeding my carb counting, soon to be married, trying to fit into a wedding dress #1 daughter and her family.... Smile

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Originally posted by PurpleHaze:
Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Mine was 25 years ago. If I could do it all over again..... well, let's just say I'd have thrown a steak on the grill and thought about it.. Eek



How did I miss this post. Big Grin

With your two daughters, you would do it all over again I'm sure. Wink

Daughters do love their Dad! Big Grin
Originally posted by winebibber:
George Foreman I, II, III, IV or V?


i dunno. it doesn't say anywhere. it was one of those wedding gifts you thought you'd never use, until you move to new york, where you have no space, and it becomes invaluable!

marinating a porterhouse in balsamic, olive oil and fresh garlic for this evening.
Last night we had sushi grade tuna steaks seared by grilling one minute per side and served with wasabe mayonaise, and with grilled asparagus and roasted potatoes. The Capestrano Montepulciano D'Abuzzo worked like a charm with the raw oysters appetizer, but the Tres Picos Grenache was the star after the tuna was served. That was a wonderful pairing that I hadn't heard of before.

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