My wedding to Future Mrs. Whiner is still nearly two years away, but, wine-o that I am, I've been thinking about the wedding wines already. She mentioned the possibility that we needn't pour the same wines at our table (and at our parent's table) that we do at the other tables (we'll be having a 250ish person wedding.) I don't know if it would be appropriate to do that (although I do like the idea of Krug Rose and Quintarelli Amorone on our wedding night). Has anyone ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom were drinking different wines than everyone else? How would you react if you were at such a wedding?

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". . .and let your best be for your friends."
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If you care enough about them and they are important enough to be invited to the most important day of your lives, certainly, they should get the best you can offer. Enjoying the same wines with them at the reception would be most appropriate, in my opinion. Open something (a wine, for those of you with dirty minds) REALLY special with your bride later.
If you want to have a nice bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket on a stand behind the head table for yourselves I'd say that would be OK and fairly non-descript. Now, having said that, save the good stuff for after the reception. iirc about my reception and every one that I've attended for others since then the bride and groom are so busy with other activities such as visiting all of their family and friends, dancing with various parties, cutting the cakes, etc... that you won't have 30 seconds just to sit there and enjoy a Krug Rose. Save if for the wedding night or better yet the next evening when you're alone on your honeymoon. Do like cdr11 says (somewhat) and get yourself a good drinking Champagne that everybody can enjoy that is cost effective like a 1996 Duval Leroy Blanc de Chardonnay.

Best wishes.
I'd say it was perfectly appropriate. Presumably you will be pouring something reasonably good for everyone else. Anyone who might take offence has no business being there in the first place in my view.

How many of the guests would even know what Amarone was? I bet a significant percentage of people on this board have never tried one, and we're all wine geeks.
My sister did this at her wedding 4 weeks ago. However she had low preservative wine served at the bridal table because she is sensitive to preservatives. Thankfully I managed to convince her that the Grange in my cellar is chock full of preservatives and she wouldn't want to spend the evening sneexing her head off.
I think it would be tacky for the bride and groom to be drinking much better wines than their guests. Some people will get offended, especially the wine drinkers of the group, and wonder why they weren't good enough to get the good stuff as well. Save it for another night.

Best wishes in your marriage and blah blah blah that mushy stuff.
Originally posted by pippin:
For those who did not "get" Grunhauser's Nixon comment, Nixon reportedly would drink 1959 Chateau Lafite Rothschild wrapped in a white napkin, while he served guests at a state dinner a nice Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon.

If Nixon was a bit more sneaky, he would have emptied out a bottle of the guests wine and poured the Lafite into that. Nobody would've guessed...

but then again, this was the guy behind Watergate. So it's safe to assume that he wasn't the most thought out person pressing the button. Smile

And to get back on topic - Whiner - I'd just make it a BYOB. Save ya a ton on booze. Smile

In all seriousness - I don't see any problem having your own wine seperate from your guests. I do think it'd be best to let people know in advance that if they want to drink really good wine, then they'll have to bring their own f'n bottle, cuz you'll just be pouring some Box Wine for the masses.
I'll chime in on the side of it being inappropriate and tacky.

Speaking from experience, I'll also add that you're probably going to be too excited and too distracted at the dinner to remember too much about the wine, anyhow. That's how it was for us, anyways.

Oh yeah...Good luck! Smile

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