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Irwin: in the early days of the pandemic the late (and great) Sunnylea57 set one up using Zoom. He had a corporate account for his company that could accommodate a lot of users. It was people from this forum that were connected by social media and/or email. It was fun to see faces and hear voices that you previously knew from screen names here, or reconnect with those you had met from previous offlines. There were some subsequent smaller offline gatherings, but the first one was really fun, if not a bit of a free for all. Might have been 40+ persons on the video call at one point, just drinking whatever wine they wanted and talking about whatever.

@irwin posted:

I have this type of zoom account.  I think I can accommodate 100-200 people for several hours.
I will look at my calendar and suggest an evening.  Perhaps a Sunday evening

or is that too likely to conflict with a sports event?

more like the previous ones was a running day of drinking where folks would literally log on see someoen there and say whats up.

There was a session that started at like 12pm EST and went to 3am EST for folks coming in and out and at one point 30+ people.

that made fridays better because I couldnt recall being able to wake up the following day after the 3am session drinking with the west coast guys

I have a ring central ( based on zoom platform I believe) account we can use. Although if its just us 2 we can call/facetime each other lol.

9 pm EST start time ( busy during the day and early evening sorry)

Just in case

enter PW port4gman to join in

Or dial:
    +1 (650) 4191505 United States (San Mateo, CA)

    Access Code / Meeting ID: 632186662

Dial-in password: 767844626

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