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I plan on opening up a bottle tonight of 1961 Domaine Singla Rivesaltes Ambre Heritage du Temps. Don't remember exactly where I picked it, probably Garagiste.  It is a white Roussillon, amber with age, and a noticeable amount of sediment. I'll post tasting notes some time later.


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not that particular producer but i've had many rivesatles through the years.  If these were port, they'd most likely be colheitas.  aged in barrel for a while, then bottled recently.

I do much prefer my ports though, feeling they offer a touch more complexity than the more striaght forward caramel/acidity/wood notes from wines in this region.

if you do like the profile, try looking out for some Banyull's aoc, which I feel have stronger producers and much tighter quality control.

Maury wines are also good in such cases.

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