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The wine that got both my wife and I hooked on reds was the 1991 Byron Pinot. I believe it scored a 91 from WS. James Laube scored the 2001 a 90 and listed it as a best buy. I've put in my order for a couple cases and am interested to know what others have to say. People on these boards are usually not shy to put in their .02. It's a LCBO January release.
And Happy New Year to all the WS forumites (belated). Smile
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I saw a good deal on the 01 Byron at my local Kroger's...however the last few bottles of anything I have bought from them have been quite disappointing (read: cooked) due to their horrible storage and distribution conditions!

I had a few of the 00 Byron that I drank over the past year and they were better than the ave. Pinot, so if I see a good deal on the '01 other than Kroger's I will probably get a few.


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Wine Access gave it a fairly good rating (Score = 91). Here are their tasting notes:

Rich nose of black cherry, plum, mocha and earthy overtones. Good balance of fruit, acidity, alcohol and tannic structure. Dark berries and chocolate covered cherries predominate and linger on the finish. Good depth of flavour and excellent length.

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