i found a bottle of wine in my dads basement. It has been there forever and has never been touched in years! 1982 5 L Vintage Amarone. Individually numbered in a handmade wooden box with papers authenticating it written in English and also Italian.

Any info. Helps and if anyone would be interested in purchasing it.


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Please post a picture of the bottle, out of the box, showing fill level.  Amarone ages quite well, and in a a 5L format this bottle could be viable.  Mediocre vintage, but could be worth a few hundred bucks.


Agree with above.  The letter adds some value to a collector.  If you open it, expect the raisiny flavor of Amarone to be present.

I just posted a picture of the neck of the bottle showing fill line. I really don’t have an interest in drinking it. I’d like to sell it if anyone is interested or knows someone who might be. 

Thanks for all the info!


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