Any interest in Toronto?

I've stayed out of this thread up to now because it breaks my heart that you guys are finally doing an offline and I'm going to miss it! Frown But I must say now that I'm very impressed that you're pulling it off, even more so than I'm impressed with the wines! Keeping the location secret is smart, the wine police probably have spies everywhere.

If we get to Toronto during March Break, perhaps another offline can be arranged.

Have fun!

snow sucks.......
We're looking pretty good for tomorrow.
Futronic has been exceptionally helpful with
his computer expertise and enthusiasm.
I can't think of any loose ends, but I'm sure things will come up tomorrow.
I suppose that this is all part of the learning curve and will give us room for improvement.
Looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. Smile

Bump. The oldest existing Toronto offline thread on the forum. Almost 15 years ago. Great that dok, fut, otw and bman are still here (some less often than others).


  • doktap
  • futronic
  • baird
  • slan
  • oakvilleal
  • drthvader
  • maverickdrinker
  • carriedca


Others on the thread who couldn't make it:

  • otw
  • bman
  • pyang

I think pyang and I did make it in the end?  We offlined at Bodega with futronic and Dok and some others at some point.  I think the first, or one of the first Toronto WS Forums offline was at an Italian restaurant with Dok, futronic, Baird and Slan, as I recall. Well before BYOW was legal - someone knew the chef and we snuck in the bottles. And wives attended too!

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