I have a few really good 95/96 Bordeaux as well as a slew of 99's.

Let me know if we are getting heavy on Aussies....
With the help of some contacts, I may be able to arrange the event at a downtown restaurant in a private room. No corkage fee. No obligation.
I have also looked into hospitality suites at downtown hotels and waiting to hear back. It will undoubtedly take several days or a couple of weeks to finalize arrangements, but rest assured that we are on the job. Things are progressively shaping up.
Excellent work, Dok. Looking forward to hearing about the options.

With respect to a private room and restaurant access, maybe those detail are best kept to email. I'd hate for the LLBO to be browsing the site and give the restaurant a problem.

Maybe I'm just paranoid.
Is there still room? Wouldn't mind joining you folks. I can offer up some D'Arenberg Ironstone Pressings or Chateau Reynella Shiraz?

Now....where's that Screwpull?
Yeah, it has been a while. Been busy with work and personal stuff.

Haven't been buying too much lately. Looking to pick up some things this weekend. Maybe some Mondavi SLD and some E. Guigal 2000 CduP.

Now....where's that Screwpull?
No buying for me. Well, maybe a couple daily drinkers - 2000 Remo Farino Valpolicella Ripasso.

We'll set something up soon. I'm done exams on the 11th, so I'm cracking open a nice bottle or two on the 12th.
I already had you penciled in. You're the 8th
person confirmed. A little birdy told me you'd be
Futronic, your paranoia is parallel to mine. As we get closer to the event and I have more information, I'll ask all confirmed to send me their email addresses and a list of what wines they intend to bring. I'll ensure that there is adequate variety and no dupes.
Does everyone agree with Aussie/Bordeaux? Razz
As far as Aussie wines are concerned, I'd like to NOT restrict it to Shiraz, but any red. Cab/Cab blends, etc.....
As we get closer, I'll ask for people to submit their choices. Probably best to wait until after the holidays and see what people buy/receive for presents. Maybe a Grange?
We still have "50 sleeps" to arrange what I hope will be a memorable event. Smile
I'm in need of your email addresses in order to facilitate communication and expedite the tasting.

If there is enough interest and/or wines, would you prefer flights or blind tastings?

If you already know what you're prepared to bring to the event, please LMK at jester728@rogers.com. Things can always be changed at any time.

I'm still waiting to hear back from 2 individuals about venues, but 1 spot has been tentatively secured. Smile
Flights would probably be beneficial. Perhaps we should skip the blind tasting this time since it's the first offline?

Looking forward to it! Smile
Please check your emails for some information on venues.
It appears from what people are offering that we will have some excellent Aussie Shiraz' from '97 to present, and an assortment of Bordeaux from the 80's to 2000. Drabbing anyone? Wink
Not sure if this has been brought up but is this a forumites only thing or can spouses be included? Was anyone else planning on brigging their significant other?
Personnaly, I am going alone. Since I will be meeting most of the other forumnites for the first time, I'd prefer not having someone else tagging along.

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