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IW, timely post. D and I will be back in Paris this fall. Always looking for new experiences.

As for Rostang, D and I had a brilliant all truffle dinner that we still talk about. I know Longboarder also had a wonderful meal there as well at this longtime two star restaurant.

France in the fall is special and truffle season only adds to experience. I’m now hungry! Big Grin

No info on that place but if you are looking for something very different in Paris, go to Hugo Desnoyer Boucherie. A ton of excellent writeups from around the world. We tried to make reservations a couple years ago and they got screwed up and we missed out.

Desnoyer is butcher shop which provides the meat for most of the best restaurants in Paris. He has 1 table in his butcher shop for dining and you must make reservations far in advance.

Depending on atmosphere you're looking for, I'd suggest

Arpege: Michelin 3 star. Vegetarian with the option of one meat dish (when I was there). Was my best meal of the year 2 years ago

Frenchie: fantastic nouveau French cuisine in a very lively setting. Best meal in Paris this year. Have been a few times and never ceases to impress

Pierre Sang: hipster type of vibe and loud but fantastically creative food

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