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My name is Mike. I am a transplanted Bostonian who has been living in Greenville SC for about 8 1/2 years now.

Mostly I dabble in the $15 and under area. Bogle has been my latest obsession. I always am on the lookout for cheap daily drinkers.

I am hoping to try to pick up the occasional special bottle to age for a special occasion when the wallet allows.

Hope to share a what little knowledge I have with the board.
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Welcome . . . a bummer we lost another Bostonite because a few of us have been trying to get a regular group together

But, come on back up and visit anytime!

In the meantime, welcome!

$15 price point is great for daily drinkers but I'll offer a suggestion that is just a slight bump up in price . . . perhaps not for daily drinking but for occasions when you want to kick things up a notch:
1) Bedrock: value-oriented wines that drink well above their price point
2) Stefania Wines: Stefania is here on the forums and makes some great wines in the $20-$40 range
3) Hendry and Green & Red: If you like zinfandel, these labels have good options in the $22 - $35 range
4) Jelly Jar: great options in the $15 - $25 range. A little hit and miss on quality across their labels but once you find a label of their you like, you'll have a good inexpensive go-to option
Originally posted by irwin:
Some daily drinkers under $15:
try Horse Heaven Hills Merlot from Washington state, and also Pine Ridge makes a white blend that is terrific at that price point.

Thank you. I will look for those.

Washington State has been fantastic. I am loving the various Reislings from Chateau Ste. Michelle and have had some good reds from Columbia Crest and Columbia Winery.

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