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Hello - long time no post, but certainly recognize a few names still around. Am looking to sell some of my Syrah/Grenache's as our drinking habits & preferences have evolved. All prices are Wine-Searcher Low. I am the original purchaser of all wines, and have have in temp controlled wine cooler since purchase. One of the 2016 Andremily has slight front label damage from the rack/shelf above it in the cooler. Open to selling individually, in small lots, or as a whole, and pricing for reference only, and will to listen to any/all interest & offers.

Located in Charlotte, NC but travel around the Southeast for work.

QTYYearWineryBottleWS Low Price EachTotal
12008No GirlsGrenache$          125.00$     125.00
12008No GirlsSyrah$          120.00$     120.00
22012No GirlsGrenache$          89.00$     178.00
12012No GirlsTempranillo$          85.00$        85.00
32017Cayuse - soldSyrah Cailloux Vineyard$          118.00$     354.00
22016Cayuse - soldGod Only Knows Red Wine$          125.00$     250.00
12012AndremilySyrah$          260.00$     260.00
22013AndremilySyrah$          238.00$     476.00
32014AndremilySyrah$          228.00$     684.00
32015AndremilySyrah$          179.00$     537.00
32016AndremilySyrah$          175.00$     525.00
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