Ever evolving palate paired with desire to reduce my alcohol consumption (both volume and $$$) have me cleaning out some things from my wine cooler. I have been on both of these mailing lists since they started, but will not be renewing this year. Only keeping Cayuse and Kutch moving forward. All of these have been properly stored in my U-Line cooler at 54F since I received them from the winery.

I don't really sell wines often so, apologies if my pricing is way off. I tried to be at or slightly below the Wine Searcher pricing. 

Andremily Syrah #1 = $210 x1

Andremily Syrah #2 = $210 x2

Andremily Syrah #3 = $160 x3

Andremily Syrah #4 = $125 x3

Andremily Syrah #5 = $125 x3

No Girls 08 Syrah = $125 x1

No Girls 08 Grenache = $120 x1

No Girls 09 Grenache = $120 x1

No Girls 12 Syrah = $125 x1

No Girls 12 Grenache = $125 x2

No Girls 12 Tempranillo = $110 x2


Very much prefer to do in person transaction. I live in the greater Charlotte, NC area, but travel between VA/NC/SC/GA/FL fairly often. Also visit family back in Cincinnati, OH a few times a year too. 

I could probably be convinced to ship wherever, but buyer assumes all responsibility, costs and risk once I drop at the shipping carrier of your choice. 

Can provide pictures of any of these bottles upon request. Some of the No Girls labels aren't perfect as those bottles don't fit in the U-Line cooler very well.

Let me know if you all have any questions or feedback. Again, I think I priced these at a fair current price, but have some flexibility. Point me in the right direction, if you think I am off. 

I dont contribute much to the forum anymore, but used to post pretty frequently at some point. I am sure I can dig up a few references if I needed to, as I have done several face to face transactions (or more realistically split some allocations in the past).


Speaking of allocations, I have a SQN allocation currently sitting in my inbox. It's good for a few more days. I do not plan on buying it. I have been allocated 2 bottles of both the Syrah and Grenache @ $170 each plus shipping and tax. I can exercise these if someone wants them. Again, prefer in person transaction, and buyer covers all these costs. 


Hit me up if any of this makes sense for you!



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