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1999 Novella 'Synergy'. A Paso Robles blended red containing 45% Zinfandel, 45% Sangiovese, and 10% Petite Syrah. $10 at Tower Wine & Spirits in Atlanta; probably should be available most anywhere.

As previously stated, my wine-gal in Atlanta raved about this wine and she's never let me down.

I was really enjoying the lighter reds and whites we've been tasting but I'm well into the grilling season and it's about time to throw some pork shoulder steaks, portabellos, and veggies on the grill and 'do it up right'!

August 17th is the TAA date - I'll post Sunday 8/18 around 4:00P and let y'all have at it. Happy Hunting!
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Hey Folks:
To be fair about this, it is difficult to pick wines and know where they will/will not be available. The Kings/Queens attempt to pick wines that are both affordable and in large enough production that they are widely available. For instance, my July pick, Giesen SB Marlborough 2001, had 60,000 cases produced. I am not aware of any sources that would indicate the ultimate geographical distribution. If you are aware of a source that would give this info, I am sure future Kings/Queens would factor this into the selection process. For the record, I have also been unable to participate in several TAA's and appreciate your frustration. Compounding the problem is the fact that we also try to pick unrated wines, so there is typically less info available rather than more.
Geez, it's starting to sound like the REAL King and Queen are responsible for the monthly TAAs. Shouldn't the "Tasting Across America Sommelier" be just that? TAAS?

On that note, how about an additional TAAT (Two), a higher end selection for those who want to participate. I would. Say, up to $30. Lots of choices there.

Dave, thanks you so much for your new tagline. I'm putting mine on hiatus and copying you [Big Grin] !
Kybo- Haven't found it in Chicago yet but I'll check at Sams tomorrow.

Euro Brethren- I'm sure that when it comes around to Enoselsa picking the TAA he will pick something Italian that you should be able to find. A 1999 bordeaux choice is probably not far off either. By the way, isn't the 2001 Giesen SB available in Europe?

QoH- Now that the TAA is better established. A $20+ choice for one of the months should be considered.

Not here in Ontario either, it seems, and I've rarely seen NZ SBs in Europe outside Britain. But it would be difficult to find too many unrated wines that are so widely available, one kinda precludes the other, I expect.

If future TAA pickers wanted to bounce a few possible wines off of me and one of the BC-ers, we could relatively quickly and easily check to see if it was available in the faceless, bloodless, monolithic, arrogant, provincial booze monopolies (not that we're angry or bitter.....)
Did a little research and found that Novella is part of the Arciero Wine Group, which also owns EOS Winery. gave indicated 2 matches to Novella Synergy - Bin 21 in Tarpon Springs, FL. and in Los Angeles. I know it's in Atlanta, so I'm having a hard time believing this wine isn't more widely distributed.

I'm going to keep searching; I'll put anything I find in this thread. Sorry for the trouble! It's blatantly obvious that I can mess up a soup & sandwich [Frown]
Received some news from my wine-gal in Atlanta; the '99 Novella sold out VERY QUICKLY, hence the scarcity - might be a message in there! She says the '00 is expected within the next two weeks, however, I'm contemplating a runner-up, ya know, in case the winner is not able to carry on the duties of TAA! Problem is I'm leaning toward the Queens' suggestion. I don't have many more <$20 bottles in the dungeon.

I'm going to give it thru the weekend and then I'm pulling the plug if its still straight-lining!

Boy, do I feel stupid right about now! [Roll Eyes]
Kybo: Don't be so hard on yourself. If the reason that the wine is hard to find is because it sold out quickly, then you should be commended for making such a worthy selection. Look at it this way. You could have chosen some undrinkable plonk that wine shops can't move.
For the record, can't find it here. But it took me 3 shops to find the Giesen SB.

If you are thinking of resigning as the August TAA appointee, you can forget about it. Once you have accepted the responsibility there is no going back. These duties are not to be entered into lightly. It is your (and only your) responsibility. If you want to change wines that is your call but you do not have to.

Whether the August TAA is successful or a failure is inconsequential. If it is successful you will be hailed as a hero. If it fails (because you are the only one who found the wine) you will be mocked and castigated. Of course those of us doing the mocking and castigating will have a jolly time even if you do not enjoy it. There is no going back now.

As I said if you want to change your choice of the Novella and ask the advice of board members for alternate selections that is certainly within your authority. But resigning? Sorry it cannot be done.

The TAA founder has spoken.

Hold the landing!!!!! The rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! [Big Grin]

I have no intention of resigning...but I have found at the the '00 Novella Synergy will be in circulation by next Friday 7/19.

Benevolence being one of my finer traits, I put forth a referendum for this weekend. Vote "yea" for staying the course with the Novella, but upping the vintage to the '00, or "nay", and I'll choose another fine glass of grog.

What sayeth you, O loyal subjects!
Hey Kybo:
Hope you are having a great time in Reno and No Cal, I'm sure you have gone to Tahoe and if you get a chance, check out Truckee. Quaint fun little town about 20 min from Reno. I'm jealous, Mammoth is beautiful this time of year.

I saw the Synergy @ for $12.95, I'm willing to go with whatever you command, the August TAA King.

Now...not as easy as it sounds is it [Razz]

sorry. I couldn't resist after my June Faux Pas.

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Friends, vinophiles, and countymen;

In light of the relative non-existence of the said 'chosen' wine for this Augusts' extravaganza, I will select a replacement by Sunday, 7/21. I'm going to scout my favorite wine shops in Atlanta for a readily available, hopefully not heretofore seen beauty.

Your gracious King offers his most sincere wishes, for a renewed and happy hunt!

[ 07-15-2002, 04:55 PM: Message edited by: kybo ]
Yeah, I get your drift. It's tough to not go out on a limb w/a selection, given the diversity in tastes here. Guess we've got to stop trying to please everyone's palate and let them taste for themselves - 'cuz that's what I'm talkin' about! [Big Grin]

Didn't get to do anything other than dinner w/the M's, as business was quite demanding. Hopefully abit more 'free' time on my next visit. Boy, oh boy, do I love those Eastern Sierras!

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