I honestly don't recall ever signing up for their mailing list, but I received an offering for their '03 Merlot/Cab Franc blend. $1200 per six pack / $200 bottle. Mags are $525 each.

WS rated the '02 92 and Parker gave it 87-89. What's justifying such a high price? Is this stuff any good?
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I've had components of the 04 earlier this year. Very, very pure, rich, and defined at the early stage. There are two things involved with the hype and price:
1. Heidi Peterson Barett(sp) is the WM who is trying to make a St Emilion look alike.
2. They come with Guy Buffet artwork that is said to be more valuable than the wine. (That is what they did on the first release) Something to consider if you're into art.
Thanks for the response! I've liked Heidi Barrett's style of winemaking for years, from Paradigm to Revana to Showket, and may actually pick up a bottle just to see how she handles a merlot.

I think I'll pass on the artwork, though. Definitely not my style...

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