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I’m fairly new to the world of wine. I just finished my WSET level 1 December of last year. I know from the course that you should keep wines in a wine fridge, keep them on their side and avoid heat and UV lights. I live in FL and I have a wine fridge that my parents gave to me where I keep wines I like, still live at home, do  not judge, and they only drink Cabernet Sauvignon. The wine fridge is in the garage next a refrigerator, no other spot for it in the house and there is no way to make a cellar. Since a lot of the wine in my fridge are young vintages, 2019 being the newest, I would like to age them to get the bold flavors that you can only get from older vintages. Will I be able to age my wines in the wine fridge even though the fridge is in the garage next to a refrigerator?

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Let's start with - Is it plugged in?


Oh.. and it's *ageing*.  

Bold flavors are usually diminished with age.  If you want bold, drink young in most cases.  Complex flavors are more common with age.

It doesn't matter where your wine cooler is as long as there is no sunlight intrusion.  What matters is the ability of the cooler to provide a consistent temperature month after month.


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