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8/25/02 - ‘ have had a few more bottles since the last post:

‘91 scherrer old vines alexander valley
‘91 santino old vine fiddletown
‘91 williams & selyem rrv (jackass hill).

the ‘91 scherrer was strange; it was the milkiest wine i can recall. the ml content must have been huge; never the less, i liked it.

‘91 santino was in fine shape, brickish around the edges and a little sharp at first; it softened quickly and seemed to gain weight and color. the flavors were of red spices and marzipan. not bad; the $8.19 k&l price tag was still on it after all this time.

‘91 williams & selyem - the color was showing no age and the first sniff was unbelievable. harmonious oak and fruit, the wood aroma was not unlike a w&s hirsch pinot. in the mouth it was concentrated, gorgeous fruit married very well to the smokey oak. the fruit reminded me of the young biale zins i drank in the mid ’90’s, but with more panache. this wine outclasses lots of premier cru burgundy and 3rd growth or lower bordeaux from an excellent vintage; very stylish and powerful. i’d had this zin years ago and remember thinking it needed more time (much like the ‘92 w&s zin i posted tn’s on recently).

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