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Please help me to chose a wine for a gift to my girlfriend's father. I'm not a wine guru, and don't know his exact preferences. I only know that hi likes red dry wines (cabernet, merlot, etc.) I'm looking for something like wooden gift box of two-three bottles, ~ $100. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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If you want to get a variety of replies, or perhaps even any, you may wish to do two things:

-re-title the thread, something like "Advice on wine as a gift" perhaps

-be a bit more specific. There are hundreds of thousands of wines out there, if you have no parameters then you can pick almost anythings, perhaps on the recommmendation of a salesperson in your local wine shop.

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I second what bman said. There are lots of great $35-$50 red wines out there. (You want the total to be about $100, right?)

This list would get impossibly long if I tried to write down all the wines I've had that would fit the bill you're looking for. Think about if you want to get 2 or 3 bottles. Do you want them to be drinking well now, or be for his cellar to drink in 5-10 years (or more)? Do you want 1 to drink well now and 1 to cellar? 1 New World and 1 (or 2) European? You mention Cab and Merlot. If wines labeled Cab and Merlot are primarily what he drinks and you want wines that are drinking well now (but may age well) here are a few of my thoughts:

2001 Casa Lapostelle Clos Apalta (Chile, $55-$60)
2001 Neal Cabernet Napa (CA, $45-$50)
2001 Karl Lawrence Cabernet (CA, $45+)
2001 Chappallet Signature Cab (CA, $40ish)
2001 Chappallet Merlot Napa (CA, $30)
2001 Amizetta Complexity (CA, $40)
2001 Justin Justification (CA, $35)

There are lots of other good ones out there, too.


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