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I'm going to be moving to LA temporarily in February for about 3 months, and need some advice on:

1) Grocery Stores-focus on quality produce, meats
2) Wine stores-selection and best prices
3) Wine Bars

in the Studio City-Hollywood area. I've done some research online, but would like to know what the locals think. Thanks!
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1) Gelson's or Whole Foods would be your best bet
2) Red Carpet Wine's in Glendale, it's about 15 min from Studio City. besides that, Woodland Hills Wine Co., Green Jug, are others North of the 101
3)Red Carpet has a great Wine Bar with consistently excellent tastings.

there are numerous other locations other people will probably chime in with, i'm just taking your location into account. most people in LA get used to having to drive to places
The best chain grocery store in Studio City is the Ralphs on Ventura and Vineland. Gelsons is on Laurel Canyon and Riverside, they are more upscale, but priced higher on pantry items.

Whole Foods is on Riverside and Coldwater Canyon a block down from the Gelsons, and all are just off the 101 Freeway.

As kumazam said, Red Carpet in Glendale is the closest. Woodland Hills Wine is about 20 min away no traffic, and also just off the 101 freeway. But for a quick bottle, not the best prices but not the worst, there is Vendome on Cahuenga and Riverside a block from the Ralphs store and also just off the 101 and 134 freeways. Vendome does have a decent cigar store also with ok prices and a nice selection of cigars. Abdul is the one to see there. All of these places are within 5 min of each other except Red Carpet and Woodland Hills Wine.

If dining in Studio City, try Zacks Italian Cafe, its on Ventura just down from the Ralphs, they even deliver. The garlic Cheese rolls are wonderful. Le Petit Bistro is on Lankershiem just past Moorpark. All in Studio City. If you want resturants, all you have to do is cruise Ventura Blvd from Coldwater Canyon, just past the Sportsmans Lodge, to Van Nuys. They are all there. Every kind of food you could want, you can find. I reccomend checking out Jerry Deli at 3am. Big Grin

Hope thats a good start.
Third the recommendation for Red Carpet and their Friday and Saturday tastings. Pinot Bistro in Studio City is great food and no corkage, so I would look forward to many good meals there. The best Costco in SoCal for wine purchases is in Burbank which is very close. The one in Los Feliz is also pretty good and that is not far either.
Ditto on Gelsons and Whole Foods. Whole Foods even has a decent wine selection (a few years ago I drove all over so cal buying up all the 1989 Bollinger GA they were cloisng out).

Welcome to wine buying heaven. There are a lot of great wine shops in the L.A. area. Two other valley wine shops are Duke of Bourbon in Canoga Park and Liquid Party Works in Chatsworth. When you are ready to head just a little farther afield (by socal standards), try John and Pete's in West Hollywood; the Winehouse in West L.A.; Wine expo in Santa Monica (great bubbly selection, although most wine shops have improved their bubbly selections in the past few years it seems to me); L.A Wine Company in Marina DelRey; and Wine Exchange, The Wine Club and Hi Time Wine Cellars in Orange County.
Take a ride northwest to Wades Wines and see somebody who has all kinds of wines that few of the rest have. And if you talk to them, even Wade himself, he is liable to tell you about some specials. And do not tell him, but if you find a wine you really like, offer him about 5% less for a half or full case and you might get it.

Welcome to the place with so many wine sources, it will make your head spin. Same with food selections, although some of the ethnics, are a little lacking - Polish, eastern Europena.

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