I finished my cellar last year and I am currently in the process of building racks. All the wine is safe and sound and the cooling unit running just fine. Heres the question:
When I turned the cooling unit on I set it at 57 degrees. Didn't really pay much attention to the actual temp until i finally purchased a Humidistat/thermometor and put it in the cellar and to my amazement it wast 49 degrees (the themometor is located mid cellar).

Any one else have the same situation?

SO much wine so little time.
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Is the thermometer on the floor?

I've noticed some stratification of temperature within my cellar (8 ft x 7 ft by 8 ft high; cooling unit located in one corner near the top). I decided to put an oscillating fan in the cellar to run at all times (as opposed to the cooling unit fan that only funs some of the time). Even with that, my independent thermometer, which is located about 6 ft above the floor at the opposite corner from the cooling unit, reads one or two degrees lower than the sensor of the unit (located at the upper corner thereof).

I've adjusted the set temperature of the cooling unit to give a mid-50's temperature on the independent theremometer.

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