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Need your opinion/help. In august i bought an Avanti WC55SSR 52-Bottle Built-In Wine Refrigerator Model: AV WC55SR. I set the temperature at 55F and till about 10 days ago i had no problems. Lately i've felt the bottles i am pulling are not as cold as before or as they should be and For example a pinot i pulled and poured was about 66F (the actual wine temp). I decided to put in a regular thermometer (the kind you put inside fridges) inside on thursday night and it was reading 60F. I decided to lower the temp last night to 52 and the compressor reacted. Thermometer inside was reading 52. However it is now up to 60 again. I think there is something wrong with the thermostat and that it Is not making the compressor start unless i re-set the temperature. The weird thing the displayed temp is always the temp setting so at least optically everything appears to be ok.

DoYou think i have problem? Suggestions? Normal fluctuation? Could it be i always pull a wine at the end of the cooling cycle so it is on the higher side?

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If you pull a wine at the end of the cooling cycle and it's warm to the tune of 66 degrees instead of 52, your fridge is f'd up. If the air changes temp, that's one thing, but if your actual wine is changing temps like that, you have a problem.

Call a fridge guy. The compressors on those things sometimes go but more likely the switch or the thermostat is bad.
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The temp of fluids are slower to react, so by measuring the wines temp, you have a good indication something is amiss. I know some people with these units and they have had fluctuation problems as well. Good luck.

I called Avanti this morning and they will send a technician. No questions asked other than what model and what was going on. The ease of the response is either excellent customer service or this is a common problem on these units. Hoping for the former.
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Also remember that warm air rises, so the bottom of the cooler will likely be a lower temperature than the top. My cheap cooler has a difference of almost 10 degrees between top rack and bottom rack. So I just keep the cheaper stuff up top.

Funny it is the other way around for me (cooler on top racks). But i think it is because those are closer to the "fan".
That does sound like a wide fluctuation for an actively cooled cellar. Hope the tech finds a simple solution.

Another thought... How full is the cellar? Full cellars tend to fluctuate less with less cooler cycling on and off. The mass of cool wine tends to blunt the fluctuations.
I really don't think so. I was reshuffling and reorganizing bottles tonight and after having the door opened for a while, all of a sudden the thermostat kicked in. I really think there is a disconnect between the thermostat reading and the actual temperature. Should not be a tough fix; hopefully. Razz
So as an update to this and just in case some other forumites have this unit. Technicians came but since it is a "sealed" system, Avanti decided not to have them work on the unit and exchanged it. Nice of them to do it. I got the new one wednesday. I was travelling so before leaving i set the temp at 53. I pulled the first wine today and the wine after popping it was at 58, the same temperature the "fridge portable thermometer i left inside was reading. I suppose these chinese units are just off with their thermostat and display. I guess i will live with this 5 degree discrepancy and adjust the set temp down a couple of degrees more.

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