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Never heard of it. I'd be careful. It's a major tourist area and, while I am often a tourist elsewhere, tourist areas are notorious for restaurants that are concerned with the quick buck, one time visitors, rather than repeat business. I'm not saying that is the case with ABC, but I wouldn't go without a recommendation.
g-man: That's the website that I got the address I referred to from. Per the site:

ABC Kitchenwrites...
ABC Kitchen with Jean-Georges: passionately commited to offering the freshest organic and local ingredients possible.
ABC Kitchen presents a changing menu that is locally sourced and globally artistic in a fresh and articulate space.

Neighborhood: Gramercy / Flatiron
Cross Street: Broadway & Park Avenue South
Price: $31 to $50

Dress Code: Casual Dress
Accepts Walk-Ins: Yes
Additional Details: Bar Dining, Bar/Lounge, Beer, Full Bar, Non-Smoking Restaurant, Personal wines welcome (corkage fee applies)

Per the reviews on that site, 251 rate the restaurant 4 stars while 208 give it 5 stars. 389 rate it "fit for foodies".
While all of this 'rating' could be shades of CT, it's created some curiosity for me, I must admit.
Originally posted by mareff:
When are you going to be able to attend an offline in NYC...jeez????

Hey, I'm all for cracking open some good bottles with you boys! I've yet to have the pleasure of bending elbows with Board-O and g-man, and I haven't seen you and TBird in some time now.
The problem is with the logistics of the trip. Down on Thursday night late, Family functions Friday & Saturday and return to Mtl on Sunday. As much as she enjoys the off-lines, D says there's no way to do that and not royally piss off some family, and she's right.

Now...if you all just happen to stroll in and sit at the table beside us, completely unbeknownst to me..... Cool
Originally posted by Board-O:
In that area, we like Union Square Cafe. We have friends who are regulars there and they let us bring wine, but I think it's because of our friends. You might give them a call.

As it turns out, it seems that ABC was written up in Esquire and is fully booked (at least they can't handle our size of reservation for that evening) so on the hunt.

I'll mention Union Square to them. Thanks for the tip, Board-O.
KSC - we frequently go to a steakhouse in Wall Street for our offlines. Although they have a great wine list, they are very accomodating to our group with their corkage policy especially on days that are traditionally slow for them. I would think the Saturday during the Thanksgiving holiday is one of those slow days. Let me know if you are interested.

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