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We start the day by going up to Angwin and going to Neal.

05 Zin: Purple, Opaque, Warm (high alcohol). On the nose - white pepper, blackberry and brambly (typical of Zin). Moderate tannins with a nice 20 second finish.

04 Cab: Dark Purple, Opaque, Dark Fruit, Blackberry, Creme de Cassis, some Chocolate. Tannins were moderate but twere of a sweeter variety as opposed to bitter. Nice 20 second finish. A much better effort then the 03.

03 Wycoff: Opaque, Purple, Very fruit forward with hints of Cassis, blackberry, bluberry, Dk. Raspberry, some secondary's developing (Chocolate). Much better on the mid and end-palate with a 15 second finish. Still resolving. Retry in 24 months.

Next we were offer to visit Buehler and spend about 2 hours with Page Buehler. His hospitality was unmatched during our trip.

Unfortunately, my notes are rather poor from this visit but we tasted:

06 Chard: Lots of buttery flavor from the Oak. Loaded with Pear.

06 Chard Reserve: Was done in French Oak and was a lot more subtle. Lower levels of toast.

06 Zin: Purple, Opaque. On the nose - pepper, brambly, black fruit and bing cherry. Some heat fromthe alcohol levels.

05 Cab: Purple, Dark. On the nose - black fruit , however there were also some green notes (not bell pepper green, but an herbal one).

04 Cab Estate: Purple and opaque. Nose of cassis, blackberry and black raspberry. Light tannins with a 25 second finish.

05 Papa's Knoll Cab: Some tannins, Dark fruit, blackberry, dark raspberry. Not yet resolved. This needs to be laid down for at least 3 years.

After overstaying our welcome at Buehler, we raced across the floor of the valley to Lewelling. At Lewelling we were only able to try the 03 Cab.

03 Cab: Stored in 10% Neutral barrels and 90% New Oak of which 90% is French Oak and 10% is American Oak. Appearance is purple and opaque. The nose: Creme de cassis, blackberry. An unusual note of a blueberry base with a raspberry finish. Sweet tannins, very nice mid-palate with a 30 second finish.

Finally, a race back up to Angwin where we were hosted by Ric Henry of Karl Lawrence. Ric was an unbelieveably warm and gracious host. We tried the following:

06 Alden Chard: Pale yellow, tranparent, Loaded with floral notes, lanolin and key line. I am not much of a chard person but I loved this effort and look forward to its release.

06 Alden Red Table Wine: Medium to Dark Purple. A beautiful everyday wine. Loaded with Dark Cherry, Dark Raspberry, Glycerin and Licorice. Totally Unpretentous.

04 Karl Lawrence Cab: Purple, Opaque with soft tannins, Blueberry, Raspberry and hints of lanolin on the nose, Nice 15 second finish with some heat that will definitely resolve.

05 Karl Lawrence Cab - was in the bottle a total of 1 week. Purple, opaque, oaky with medium tannins. Loads and load s and loads of Dark Cherry. Each year I get to sample some of the KL releases just as they go into the bottle and they keep getting better and better and better.

Thanks for reading !!!!

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