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I did a solo tatsing for 100+ doctors tonight
for some sort of annual staff associaton. However when I started to go into detail about my first wine (of 3) half of the room began to
have independent conversasions as I attempted to speak over them..This went on through each wine to the point that I felt that I was being
forcibly ignored..I have never experienced this sort of crowd behavior. It didnt really bother me at first ,but after I finished I really became irritated ...This was my first"large" tasting....and I perhaps should have been more inter-reactive..but I thought these people that continued to talk over me were very rude..
Has anyone had this sort of experience??
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winegirl, just think about the people attending. Most of them are probably there for the gathering as opposed to the tasting. Of those that attended, if they knew anything about wine, do you think they need to hear it from you? If they didn't know anything about wine, do you think they care about what you were saying? You were probably hired to entertain those who had nobody else there to entertain, or nobody to be entertained by.

As for Board-O's situation, I'll bet most of the attendees attended for the talk and not to see how comfortable the chairs were.

This is precisely why it is always easier to teach a PhD class than an undergraduate class. PhD students are interested in Hausdorff spaces and convexity assumptions, undergraduate students (in general) only care what's on their midterms and finals.
Originally posted by sydthesquid:
Good Lord! Who pays attention at some conference???

Hint: nobody.

We go to conferences to get away from the family and:

1. Drink.
2. Eat
3. Golf
4. Ski
5. Various combinations of 1 - 4

And do it for free.

Hmmmmm...listening to what people have to say at these silly group sessions doesn't appear to be on the list.

One word: Taboo.
I think it really depends on a few factors.

I find that large crowds, and a cheap (or worse yet-free) is a recipe for irritation. The ppl at these events are generally there just to get blitzed and any real effort on my part to educate the masses is rather futile.

Smaller groups, and a more $$$ ticket price tend to command more respect.

Every tasting is different, I adjust my attitude for the crowd. You want to get sloshed and rowdy? Cool, I'll just ask "Red or white?", pour and smile. You came to learn about wine? Let's talk.
I'm with spo. Whether winegirl was paid or not really isn't the issue. It's rude to carry on side conversations during a presentation meant to be addressed to everyone in the room. If you're not interested in listening and need to talk to an associate, excuse yourself and go talk elsewhere. There is a significant difference between ignoring a presentation and interrupting one.

That being said, commanding a room of 100 doctors in what sounds like a "convention like" setting ain't easy. Perhaps you should work on your public speaking skills/techniques before you tackle a group of that size in the future.

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I've never had that happen, but with conferences I always try to keep it light, quick and fun.
With 100 docs I'm surprised nobody engaged you in scientific wine questions (they always try to stump me with those), and I've always found doctors wives very interested in wine and food - local restaurants, as well as local wines to buy to bring home.
I suppose it's also a learning experience here in BC as it's a fairly new region they know little about, I certainly receive a lot of feedback.
You may want to request a mic for large groups. It could very well be they can't hear you well to remain engaged ?
Thanks for everyones input..
Yes I did have a microphone and I walked all around the room near each table...and yes I did
noticed that the doctors wives where much more interested...This was mearly a 45 min presentation of 3 wines.. I spoke loudly and clearly..(I am pretty good
with public speaking..)At one point I had my mike turned up..At the end of my last wine the "event director" appologized for everyones "rudeness" and began to clap..causing everyone else to clap and then return to thier converstaions. I also had several doctors come up to me afterwards and
voice thier regrets about the other doctors in the room.. The whole thing was messy..Yes I was
paid..but not as the nights entertainment as I explained to them..I realize this is a fine line..There was also a DJ and dancing and open bar..I take it as lesson learned..(Perhaps I will do it nude next time with sparklers!!)Ahhh Roll Eyes

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