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In the Cinci recap thread in the TN's section an idea has been proposed that the ChicagoWineMafia and OhioRiverVino's a/k/a The Kentucka-Nati crew get together to have a smackdown of sorts on Saturday March 27th.

If you are VERY interested please post here.

First should this take place at someone's home (Otis, VinoMe are you game Big Grin) or at a corkage friendly restaurant?

2nd should we have a theme or should everyone bring what ever they feel like? I am open to just about anything.

So put your idea's down here and if not on 3/27 when?

I am currently in for (1)


Life without wine?...... Yeah Right.<br /><br />I believe we have 2 lives; the life we learn with and the life we live with after that.
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Napertucky, hmm, let's see:

na-pihr-tuh-kee: slang; place. A small enclave of overpriced homes in a relatively remote area of the western Chicago suburbs, inhabited by Ohio Valley transplants (and others).

na-pihr-tuh-kee: verb; colloq. To cover, or make safe, ones clothes during a meal, using a cloth or paper sheet.

That's almost as bad as Kentucka-Nati...which sounded a whole helluva lot better than Cin-sucky! Eek

Can Susan fly down and give us a lift? Big Grin Wink Big Grin

"This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk."
Jonathan Swift
Sounds good to me. I think we are open that weekend. Here are a couple ideas:

1) We try everything blind and try to guess as teams what we are tasting.

2) We go head to head individually on wines in a blind tasting. (ie. 1 ORV and 1 CWM member will each bring a bottle of the same kind of wine, like a Cal Cab, and everyone will try them blind and vote for their favorite of the 2 wines). We will then unveil the wines at the end of the night and see which group brought more winning wines.

Just a couple ideas.

Both ideas are variations on what I was thinking:

Both sides bring 5 blind wines. Each team (size of the teams will vary) tries the other's and makes a combined group guess. Points are assessed for vintage, varietal, country, region and producer? To blind wines should be restricted to 1994-2003 and only regions listed in the latest edition of Parker's Wine Buying Guide. Beyond that, let's dance!

I am up for driving. In fact we could all go in 1 car and make it a very inexpensive trip. Splitting gas 3 ways makes for a reasonably priced weekend. I will look into Southwest and United to see if they have cheap flights for that weekend. Brian, when you get a chance call me.


Life without wine?...... Yeah Right.<br /><br />I believe we have 2 lives; the life we learn with and the life we live with after that.
We'll be driving - it's barely 5 hrs. to downtown from the 'ville. Don't know exactly where we'll stay yet - we're going to include some downtown shopping/sightseeing time, and probably make it a 3-day weekend as the G-man will be on spring break that week.

I do think, though, that SWA has some incredibly cheap rates to Midway.

"This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk."
Jonathan Swift
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Thanks for the offer, but I think I will pass. Not that I don't trust you, but I don't have a lock for my cellar! Big Grin Razz Big Grin

I think driving sounds reasonable, but something tells me the five hours home will seem quite a bit longer than the five hours there! I will talk to the wife and get her thoughts.

Hope we can make it work. Sounds like a great time.
I drive between Chicago and Cincy on one $20 tank of gas. So, the transportation expenses should be marginal. I have one extra bedroom in our house should anyone be interested and their is a hotel nearby that probably runs $60-90 a night. I can't think of the name, but it's a name brand not a dive.

If folks are staying friday-sunday, I'd be more than happy to set up a dinner at Timpano's for friday or saturday night in addition to the "challenge".
I stayed at the House of Blues hotel a couple years back - where Bin 36 is but haven't had dinner there...looks like it'd be a great place to host this type of event.

We're probably going to stay downtown as well - The Palmer House, or The Ambassador East (I think that's what it's called?), so as to be 'right in the thick of things'.

And, just exactly what do you mean by ...'shaping up'? Big Grin

"This wine should be eaten, it is too good to be drunk."
Jonathan Swift

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Kybo- Palmer House isn't really in the thick, neither is the Ambassador. You hit both posts on these. Try the Westin, Omni, Intercontinental, Drake, Hyatt, Doubletree, and others I can't think of for more central. N Michigan Ave is where you want to be.

Yes, but I came here for an argument.

Oh! Oh! I'm sorry, this is abuse.
If we go to Bin36, I can take care of the reservations. Ans since it is more than a month away, we still have time. But first, I think we need an accurate head count...Like I mentioned before, if the party will be more than 10 people, I suggest having the offline at someplace other than a restaurant...Or perhaps a restaurnat with a banquet room (depending on how big it gets. Dinner parties (especially wino dinner parties) greater than 10 people just get too big for a restaurant to handle well in the regular dining room...Could you imagine the number of stems/decanters/bottles? We are talking about 20+ stems, 20+ bottles of wine, etc. Big Grin

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