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oh, c'mon, even he knows that. There is no correlation between post counts and wine knowlege. Robert Parker Jr posts on eBob wine board and...he is VERY FAR from being the most prolific poster. I don't see Brain Loring throwing his 2 cents every time either.

As we used to say back in a day:
"Money - talk,
Fortunes whisper"

Same applies to wine knowlege.
Originally posted by Thomas Jaehnigen:

Just read what you want and ignore the rest or leave. Pretty simple IMO.

That said, I do find it curious that WS does not really use these forums to their best advantage. Think about the special topics forums they could create to guide a discussion about wine. Think of the special guests threads they could coordinate to allow all interested to interact with some of the folks in the biz that would never come here. If WS were really about wanting to make their forums a success that they could be, they would and it might be quite fantastic. This would assume that they'd want to at least give the appearance that their forums gave a damn to them and were a conceivable asset rather than the state that they have sometimes sunken to. I mean, think about all of the real wine knowledge and education that could be gleaned off of a well run forums section of the WS site.

I think that WS is here to make money and that's fine. Forums software is quite cheap to set up and run and it drives repeat eyeballs to the website which drives advertising dollars. This is all well and good, but this does not necessarily a good forums place make.


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