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Hello All,

Sorry, no verbosity or pomposity here with regards 'TN's', however just a number of bottles that the 4 of us truly enjoyed last night:

Stratus White 2000 (A Canadian version of Conundrum, from a new boutique Niagara Winery - Excellent)
Rutherford Hill Chard 2002 (Top notch Californian Chard, very, very nice)
Rodney Strong Reserve Pinot 2001 (Still not a Pinot fanatic, but this oaky number was very enjoyable)
Chateau Palmer 'Alter Ego De Palmer' 1999 (Excellent)
D'Arenberg 'Dead Arm' 2002 (Literally intoxicatingly wonderful, if just ridiculously too young, even after a 4 hour aeration - I won't open another for a few more years)

Anyone have any comments about any of the above bottles? Most have received fairly positive press - With exception to the Rodney Strong.

Needless to say, truly a great evening and an unfortunate morning after ;>Wink)


- Ian
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Hi, IT. We had the 2000 Stratus White at the winery with Suzanne Janke as our guide. The winery is really worth a visit. It's designed to minimize the effect on the ecology. the wines were all very well made, something highly unusual for the area. Their Riesling Icewine is one of the best we tasted on our last trip.My notes on the 2000 Stratus White from 2 1/2 months ago:

"light-medium gold, nose of unoaked Chardonnay, light pineaplle flavors, tastes young, 87"

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