Openeing a bottle of 98 Beacastel CDP at a BYOB cafe for a birthday....I know this bottle should be decanted..but I dont expect this little "bistro" style place to offer
such things..And then of-course there is the time issue.
We cant spend an hour plus at this place just waiting for my wine to come alive..Any thoughts?..(besides bring another wine)
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Well, at the risk of stating the obvious, why not do a double-decant. Pour the wine off of any sediment a couple of hours (at least) prior to departure, and then pour from the decanter back into your cleaned-out bottle before heading out the door.

Oh, and bring a different wine. Smile I'll be letting mine rest for at least another 4 years.
Thanks for everyones advice...Sorry I didnt think of the obvious,about decanting the wine at home and then pouring back into the bottle..
Duh... also I didnt think it was soo young..
I guess I will pull something else out of the cellar.I have some 94,97,99 cali cabs,various Shiraz.(nothing older than 00) and some 00 Barolos..I also recently got a couple bottles of 04 Brancaia Ill blu...All big reds..perhaps all too young..Any suggestions???

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