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A guy in Zimbabwe got arrested "for unlawful carnal knowledge" of a donkey.

Seems the cops saw him in his front yard expressing his physical attraction to said donkey....and off to the hoosegow he went.

In his defense, he has made two pleas:

1) The donkey had been a human woman back at the bar he had been patronizing and, in fact, she was a hooker he had paid 25 dollars (1/8 of a penny in U.S. dollars) to accompany him to his estate for some sexual hijinx.

He stated that upon the breaking of whatever spell he had been trapped in, he was as dismayed as the police to find he had been banging a donkey.

He claims innocence via either a really bad case of beer goggles or having been hoodwinked by a shape shifter.

2) He additionally argues in the alternative that it may be that he is actually a donkey who has been transmorgrified into human form, and it is unfair for the government to charge him with the crime of loving his sould mate who is still in donkey form.

I haven't seen any pics of the guy, I sure hope it isn't Shrek.

Link to the sordid affair.

Anyway, get ready for this defense to show up on our shores next time a politician falls afoul of the law...

"Donkey bitch set me up!"
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