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For any Marylanders out there...I am a Mountaineer fan and would be willing to wager a bottle of wine from my cellar (up to $50.00 in value) on the outcome of the upcoming Gator Bowl with Maryland and WVU. Any takers? Big Grin

Wine maketh glad the heart of men and maketh women giggle.
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brent null:


(Time for me to rub it in).

Maryland won 41-7. I guess the big problem with the West Virginia team is that they were all cousins.
Did you hear that the Governor of West Virginia isn't going to permit Taco Bell into the state?
He said there was no need to, as they already had one phone company.

Seriously, I thought W. Va. played really well until the opening kickoff.
I did open a bottle of Piper Heidsick Extra Dry champagne to celebrate, with a splash of creme de peche.


"Life is short.....start with the dessert."

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