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I've had 12 and 14 course tasting menus (though not on a daily basis, of course) and while I mainly enjoyed them, they approach overkill for me. About 6 well-chosen courses maximizes my gastronomic pleasure, I think, esp. if matched well with wine.

A friend sent me the following link to an article about a 30 course, 5.5 hour meal at the famous El Bulli restaurant in Spain. Although I guess it's the meal of a lifetime, I'm not sure whether it would be more enjoyable or more tiring for me.

link to article about 30 course meal at El Bulli


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when i read 30 course meal,

i knew it has to be el bully.

i would drink water (as ever) with that kind of food!

by the way,
not all courses are somting to eat, one is a baloon with orange-blossom essence it will be cut and the air blows all aromas to youre face.
and one dish is a sponge from almonds with alginat that will be frozen and when you "eat" it, you get the aroma but nothing to swallow.
attention, some people had slightly burnt there tong from the freezing aliments, there frozen in liquid "stickstoff".
i don't know if he's the best, or just the best of the crazy Wink

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