Beautifull Pinot Noir...92pts+

Went great with grilled pork chops last night. Big spicy nose. Dark color. Layers of complex black fuit. Dense and concentrated. Still more to come. Glad I have a couple more of these babies and looking forward to his 02'. I think Soter skiped 01'.
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I agree M61-
I had this a few months back. Stemor turned me on to this Oregon Pinot about 16 months ago. The 1998 and 1999 were both excellent and like you, I look forward to the 02's.

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Hey Whiner15,

Tony Soter.

May still be able to buy some of the Soter 99' and maybe even some of the 98' yet. I don't think he has exactly done a great job of getting the word out much about Soter. Then again I've heard he's one super busy guy running between the two wineries.

Just had the 01' Etude PN and as good as it is,this is a step up in concentarion and complexity.

I'm looking very forward to the 01' Etude Cab, by the way.
BTW, Montrachet, I assume you bought this direct? If so, is there a website or telephone number you have for the winery so I can get in touch with them? Tony Soter is one of my very favorite winemakers, so if I can get some of this, I will be exceedingly happy.


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