Anybody know where this cab sav can be found for a reasonable price?
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How many bottles are you looking for? I'm keeping my allocation, but can keep an eye out for you at local shops.

Amazingly, have seen it on one shelf still for $76. I wish I had bought more from the winery, not sure I can get myself to pay $14 more now.
Enoselsa carried a bottle to the 6/15 dinner and I was totally blown away at how approachable this jar was without much decanting.
Know $76 sounds high, but I'd bite at that price after tasting it.

They were sold out at the winery when I went to pick up my 6-pk on Memorial Day weekend. I think there are some Seattle shops that you can still find them in... anyone out there know? has had some for around $70, but you are going to pay more than that by the time you get it home.

KoH, I agree, the 99 Quilceda was outstanding for just being released.
King: I loved the Q Creek too, but thought we had decided that it needed much more time. Or am I/was I misunderstanding?
The last couple Winebid auctions the '99 Q-creek has finished at over $100. Unfortunately Winebid doesn't link their .pdf auction results anymore so it's harder to check hammer prices.
I have not seen it at Seattle area shops recently. I think the last place I saw it was at Pete's in Bellevue. Wino and I tasted the Cab and the Merlot at the winery and I thought both were very approachable -- some vintages of Quliceda are very closed down on release....
RedMeat: I was able to find one bottle of the 99 QC cab at one of my secret shops. They are charging $72.99 for the bottle. Your cost would be $72.99 + tax + shipping (unless you are coming up or know someone that is coming up for the PacNW wine party). Let me know if you want it and I'll pick it up tomorrow.

They also had one bottle of the 2000 Leonetti Sangiovese. They are asking $79.99 for that. Same cost formula.

Agree with fredWilo on the release experience. Bought a case of the 96 QC, tasted one bottle with fredwilo, and have not touched the case since. [Smile]


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I am very happy to have gotten two cases plus two magnums from the mailing list. However, my house sitters while Mrs. Eno and I were at the 6/15 dinner asked if they could have a couple of bottles of wine to drink. Of course I said no problem. I pointed them to some very nice Cotes du Rhone. When I got home I realized I was missing a bottle of '99 QC. I asked if they had taken one and they said that they took one of those instead since I had so many. They did not want to take a wine that I only had six bottles of. Oiy-vay. I asked if they liked it. They said it was okay. Then depression set in.

[Eek!] [Eek!] Eno, I don't really know what to say. I would have rather been house sitting for you tonight than drinking my own NZ SB [Razz] . They used some messed up logic. That is why I'm the only one with a key to my wine locker. [Eek!] [Frown] [Confused]
Sure it needs time. But I was surprised at how well it drank being such a young and undecanted one. Imagine what it would have been like had it had a couple of hours of air.
The next time I house sit in Charlotte, I'll open a magnum and provide very detailed tasting notes. [Big Grin]

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Thanks King. That's pretty much it.

Just saw an ad (I'm watching the World Cup as I post) promoting our Skins Game for next week. It was always later in the summer, I thought. I'd planned to send you a hyper link for it, in case you could have squeezed in a visit on the company nickel, but appears the chance has been missed. [Frown]

Maybe our paths will cross somewhere else.... [Smile]
Wino... That's quite a favor. I would like a bottle at that price (two if they have it). How do we seal the deal?
RedMeat: I'll check to see if they have two bottles. If not, I'll buy the only one they have. Send me your address and we'll figure out shipping. My e-mail address is

I drank a bottle of the 99 tonight. This is a very nice wine. Decanted for 1 hour. I need to get this wine out of my house and to my storage locker before it's all gone. My neighbour and I liked this wine more than the 99 Chappelet and 97 Paradigmn we drank along side of it. I think I am very partial to Washington wines though.
From everything you all are saying and the one pitiful glass I've tried this is killer wine. I've moved my two bottles to the back of the cellar so I won't be tempted to try. This is very hard to find down here in Texas.
That is a good idea winetex. Also, you may be able to pick up a couple bottles when you visit Seattle in Sept. I can suggest a couple places for you to check when you are up here.

Thanks Wino - would appreciate any info you have! We plan on hitting a few of the local wine stores.

Looking forward to meeting you at the event. Since we lived in Seattle for awhile it might be interesting to see if we actually know some of the local folks. It's a small world...

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