I thought by now that there would be a long thread on the Quilceda Creek 99 wines from the open house yesterday. I know some of you received your wine shipments earlier, but had not seen anyone posting as having opened one. Well, I picked mine up at the winery yesterday morning; they were kind enough to let me pick it up early. I was just overnighting in Seattle on a return trip from AK and it happened to coincide with the open house. It’s early to evaluate these wines and 8 AM Saturday morning was especially so. The 99 Cab is all that RP (actually P-A Rovani) says it is. It’s not profoundly dark in the glass, nor was it giving a lot on the nose, but the wine I had was freshly opened and right out of the bottle. But in the mouth it’s impressive, I found some liquorish and anise on the palate along with spice and chocolate. The finish goes on and on, but it’s obscured by some leathery tannins at present. I’m not touching any of my six coveted bottles for at least a year or two. The 99 Merlot is also very good, but I’m not a big merlot fan and would did not buy any of it. It’s about on a par with the Pride Merlots I’ve had from the last couple vintages.

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I volunteered to work yesterday (o/t will help pay for it [Big Grin] ), so went today. Excellent visit, as usual, & we had a beautiful sunny day (yesterday was rather gray).
I thought they were both outstanding wines, but the Cab definitely more so. It got even better with some of the munchies.
I may or may not open one this Thursday, since a friend is visiting from Portland. I'll plan on opening one of each at Mother's Day.
$66 & $52 by the case.
My cab cost me $72 ea. by the six pack. Not clear to me if this is the suggested retail. I expect that given the Parker scores and the WS score on the 98 that there will be some distributor and retailer price gouging.

John at the winery was kind enough to call me Friday to let me know my wine was shipped. I had sent him an e-mail asking for a heads-up as I must have my wine shipped to an intermediary in a repro state (see 'wine shipping being against the law' in MTH). Love QC and cannot wait to get my hands on it and pop one.

I had both the cab and the merlot at the winery. The cab was outstanding (you already have some tns, so I will hit the merlot) and had more fruit up front than the merlot. The merlot was good, however. It was on the heavier side. The fruit was a little supressed, but it was there. The wine had notes of chocolate and coffee. Nice finish. We bought a few extra bottles to go with the case that we had already bought.
I stopped by on sunday and it was a gorgeous morning for a wine tasting.. I concur on the partial TN's for the cab. I also detected just a touch of nuttiness that I have not seen anyone list. Very good wine and I won't touch one for at least two years.

A word about the merlot... My wife and I are normally not huge merlot fans... but we thought this one was really nice. Showing better than the cab at this point in the life-cycle. Reminded me more of a St. Emilion than a typical WA or CA merlot. She (my wife) talked me into buying some of that along with our cab order. Whether it is worth $52 is another consideration.

You did not go far wrong on the merlot in my estimatiom. My wife and I don't drink or buy many either, but this one is in the league of the others I will spring that kind of money for: Pride, Saddleback, Beringer, and for half (or less) the price of any of these, Whitehall Lane. My wife was not with me so I didn't have to buy any, but I'll admit to having second thoughts myself.

QC is an example of a wine that is far more accessible and less costly locally eg in Wash. than elsewhere.
I was fortunate to get four of the six QC '98 in this entire area. I can only wish upon a star that the '99 is available and at a nonprohibitive cost.

DrT [Cool]
I bought a six pack of the 98 a few weeks ago for $75 each. Frankly, I found it a little underwhelming compared to prior QC wines. A low nineties wine. I have high hopes the 99 will show better.
The Cab was $72/btl for 6 at the winery; $66/btl for 12; $148 for a magnum; 2,300 cases made. The mags sold out in a couple days.
The Merlot was $56/btl for 6; $52/btl for 12; 250 cases made. The newsletter didn't say, but the Merlot has been sold only thru the winery since first offered in '97 vintage.
I bought a bottle of '93 Merlot, which was not officially released, at a shop last year. It was not much good anymore.
Word locally is that retail will be about $76, & more limited than in the past, due to RP's review, more sales thru the winery, etc.
The 2000 is supposed to be as good as the '99, & the 2001...shall I say it?--better.
Just got my case a few minutes ago. Never tried a WA wine before - ordered it based on recommendations from this forum.

Also getting some Leonetti from a forumite next week.

Glad to hear you are getting into Washington wines. Quilceda Creek and Leonetti are my two favorites. Other wines to consider are Andrew Will, Dunham, Woodward Canyon, DeLille, L'Ecole, and Walla Walla Vintners to name a few. All present great values.

Thanks wino, just what I need - encouragement to buy more wine. I had a high school friend that I connected with on Classmates.com. I found out that he's in WA doing some utility consulting work and he's part owner of a winery up there. I've been afraid to pursue it any further because I'm sure he would turn me on to some great wines there.

Since I had great difficulty getting the case of Leonetti into my wine cellar last night, I'm definitely going to stop buying - for now.
Dr T! I know where a good stock of QC '98 ($65)....hopefully soon '99 in Central VA. About 90 minutes west of Richmond. I am heading to the store this weekend, email me at MCrtn@aol.com if you want directions / website / pickups.

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smaug, good idea. I just can't drink it fast enough (just got 6 bottles of Clos Mimi delivered to my office today after 12 bottles of QC yesterday). Whenever you are in the SF area, give me a call.
Popped open a Merlot last night, after several beers, dinner, dessert & Port. I thought that would be enough, but my visiting friend wasn't fond of the Port & said he is a Merlot fan. I'm enjoying leftovers right now.

This is a major league, monster of a Merlot. Color is almost opaque, dark garnet/purple.
Brambleberry & oak aroma. Dense & concentrated, packed with fruit & just enough spice. Strong, steely & mineral backbone, & long finish.
What else could one ask for? Maybe a couple or so years of age?
This is typical Klipsun Vineyards juice, & the 25% Cab helps.
Glad I bought a case.

Oh, & it has legs. ( [Wink] [Big Grin] )

Thanks! Just got back in town 10 minutes ago. I'll e mail you after I unpack and kiss the wife!I hope I see the 99 here. But it is a short ride to Richmond from here.


Just realized that I forgot to e-mail you, because I had read and then forgotten this thread as it got buried and my constant life distractions. Only yesterday's search for this wine reminded me of my error. Wish bookmarks could be created. Thank you for your offer and info. and I apologize for the gaffe not emailing you.

In any event, I just purchased 4 bottles QC '99 @$70.00, which is $5-10.00 above the '98.

With respect to many people requesting TN and/or critical of points etc, this wine, 96-98 pts by WA and recommended to cellar until 2006, is probably like many high end Bordeaux, giving less now than it will later. If you haven't had these before, it is an example of a wine worth buying on faith from professional reviewers for what it will be more than from judging now. Call me silly, but I bought some without first trying solely based on others' recommendations, if only to obtain a few bottles before it is sold out. Sometimes you just have to do this. [Roll Eyes]

DrT [Cool]
So it's $76 in Seattle, hop, skip & a jump from the winery, & $70 on the other side of the continent. [Roll Eyes]
I opened another Cab last weekend, & it is excellent.
i too enjoyed a bottle of QC (picked up a 6 pack from winery) a few weeks ago - great wine! the golitzins (winemaker) are really nice folks - we chatted for a while when i went to pick up the wine, and he even invited me and my fiance into their house for a taste of the '99 table wine and conversation!
Dr. T,
No problem re: emailing! Good to hear that you picked up some '99...I haven't seen any in VA, did you get your out of state or at a VA retailer? Enjoy!!
jt: I have had the same experience with the G's, back when pickup at the winery was less formal...
And on a clear day, a great view of the Cascades.
I expect the '98 "Red Wine" to sell out soon, to be replaced by the '99, & will have to get a couple cases (sold only retail, so far).

I see that Shane mentioned on the infamous MTH thread having '98 & '99 Q.C. in Vegas. Perhaps he will enlighten us, too? [Wink] Maybe he's even had a '99 Leonetti to compare it to?--there's a thread on that a couple pages back now.

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